Chaos : The battle of wizards
Chaos : The battle of wizards was a game that came for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1984. It was created by Julian Gollop, who later went on to create the famous UFO/X-Com series.

You take the role of a wizard, and you have to kill up to 7 other wizards on a grid-based arena. Sounds simple enough. As a wizard, you will have an array of spells to your disposal, and these spells are the only real means of defeating your enemy. You can summon monsters to do your bidding, but also call down lightning on your foe, or even start an ever-spreading fire.

Now here comes the brilliant part. Every spell is marked as either Chaotic or Lawful. Casting a spell will tip the world balance scale to either extreme. By making the world more chaotic, lawful spells will be harder to cast and vice versa.

Chaos Reborn
Chaos Reborn takes this classic game and makes it available to the modern gamer. The essential gameplay is there, but Chaos Reborn plays more like a tabletop card game. Each spell is represented by a card and players take turns to deal. The creatures and wizards will be like pieces on a large chessboard.

About the developer
My name is Erik Benerdal and I am the single developer on this project. This means I'll be doing both the programming and the graphics. For a detailed look at my previous work, check out my portfolio