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Weekend project: Lexical analysis & expression trees

Last Friday I developed an itch. After watching a range of YouTube videos about programming languages I was reminded of the fact that I’ve never written a lexer. I’ve known the basic theory of lexers for years but I’ve never actually written one, despite coming across challenges in my work that could benefit from even the simplest lexical analysis. I decided to write a library that I could use in Cuterm to evaluate simple math expressions as well as in Novelty for conditional expressions.

So what is a lexer? Given an arbitrary string of characters a lexer produces a string of tokens:

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I got a PS3..


It’s so shiny!

An Ipod Nano.. (thanks to Ksatria ^^)


It’s so small!

The Odin Sphere soundtrack..


It’s so beautiful!

My roots

You might not know it, but I have a history with this old gentleman. This video was part of the instructional tutorial for Klik & Play. I still remember when I was around 10 (11? I forget) years old reading about Klik & play in Highscore magazine (before it turned into an adult mag) and since I was really into making text-games at the time in QBasic I was sure I had to get it.  

It was about 500kr (~$70) so I first asked one of my close friends if he was interested in sharing the cost with me, but he wasn’t. And he said even if we got it that I would probably hog the disc (smart guy).

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Not dead, just exercising my right to do nothing

Thanks goes to Kvist for reminding me to update this blog. Admittedly, doing “nothing” might be a bit misleading since I’ve actually been up and about quite a bit.

I had about three posts I wanted to write during the holidays but I guess my lazyness got the best of me. So here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to since december.

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Orange box

Team fortress 2 

I bought The Orange box on Steam. Besides being a completely painless online purchase the package is just rock solid. I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 for a few weeks now (I got access to the beta because I prepurchased it) and it’s just great. It’s a brilliant looking game accessible enough for noobs that still rewards skill.

Portal came as a surprise. I knew it was supposed to be funny, but damn. I want to compare it’s sense of humor with the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, which should say a lot. I’ve replayed that game 2 or 3 times only to listen to the ending song (It’s just so cute and … Continue Reading

Report from Ksatria Gameworks (swedish branch)

I realized that by skimming through my blog posts one might get the impression that I quit and left Ksatria Gameworks. While I did leave Singapore I’m still very much working for them, remotely.

Working from home is hard.

I’ve been forcing myself out of bed at 8am *gasp*, getting into this whole “breakfast” thing before booting up my computer at around 9. I download the latest updates and get to work. To keep myself from slacking off or spreading my work out all over the entire day I always stop working at 5pm. If I’m still not finished with something at that point it’ll just have to wait until the next day. So far this policy have worked pretty good to give … Continue Reading

Last day in Singapore

At around 5 am tomorrow morning I’m heading out for the airport. Hopefully by then I should have everything packed and ready, including this computer .. or at least the guts of it.

I have mixed feelings about it, of course. Cédric recommended me going through some sort of Singapore detoxification procedure. Mostly it’s the usual travelling anxiety. The fear of forgetting or losing something.. fear or missing the flight or that something will go wrong.. fear of ending up in the wrong place.. or worse, in the wrong TIME! Y’know, the usual stuff.

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Last day in the office

New offices 

Today was my last day in the office . I took the next week off because, as a master of procrastination, I need a few days to get everything packed and ready.

The crew wrote me a card and gave me cake. It’s something we usually do for people’s birthdays but I still appreciated the gesture. Who doesn’t like cake and attention?

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Final countdown

This week will be my last in the office before flying back to Sweden. Last week was very hectic. Especially since no one remembered to inform us that the deadline had been pushed to this wednesday. Thanks, I really appreciated that.

I’m still a bit concerned about how much I’ll be able to do this week. There are a ton of things to do, but at the same time I don’t wanna start on anything I can’t finish. I also need to remember to compile a list of things Meide and David can do next week. But I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re like.. smart n’ stuff.
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Going home

Beginning this august I will have stayed in Singapore for a whole year, save my christmas holiday. I knew very little about this place when I first arrived, but now I know this is a wonderful little spot on the map. The people here are friendly. The culture is rich and it’s been an exciting experience to live in such a big city. I really do love Singapore.

But after all this time I’ve realized that there are some things that I can’t be without and some people I can’t be apart from. Just as I’ve felt I’ve been able to excel in my work, I’ve felt constrained in every other part of my life. Eventually it began to interfere with my work.. and at that point, who benefits?

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