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Seth is too difficult (bug confirmed)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Get better!” right?

No listen, I’m serious. It’s not simply a matter of learning how to play the game. I know how to play the game and Seth, the final boss in Street fighter 4, is genuinely fucked up.

He’s extremely hard to beat even when I play on the easiest difficulty setting. Every other character before Seth on that difficulty is stupid easy to beat. I can get several perfects if I’m focused. Setting it to easiest makes the game a cake walk, up until you reach Seth.

To prove my point I decided to record a play session. See for your self. Make up your own mind whether this guys seems easy to beat or … Continue Reading


I got a PS3..


It’s so shiny!

An Ipod Nano.. (thanks to Ksatria ^^)


It’s so small!

The Odin Sphere soundtrack..


It’s so beautiful!



Ever since I got my first Phoenix Wright game I’ve been a fan. It’s an amazingly well-written adventure game that puts you in the role of Phoenix Wright, attorney of law. It’s actually more like a detective story game. With each murder case you need to figure out what happened, who did it and so forth. Once you know who did it you still need to convince the court using your collection of evidence and your wits. The characteristic prosecutors will do anything in their power to keep that from happening.

Because I got my DS relatively late I had to start with the second game and I finished the third game over … Continue Reading

Fox doing what they do best

I saw this video posted on joystiq.com today. It’s the kind that makes every gamer grind their teeth. But these kind of reports are not uncommon for Fox, so obviously it should be taken with a large amount of salt. The channel is well-known to thrive in fear-mongering and poor journalism. Let’s look at this video as another case study.

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Oh Singapore..


Another triple-A title bites the dust. The non-interactive sex you can perform with the ladies in Mass effect was a bridge too far for the Singaporean government when it became clear that the player can be a lady too.

Story here: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6182936.html

Alien tushy here: http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/16069

Turns out they changed their minds. Go MDA!
Ban reversal story here: http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7987&Itemid=9

Wanted: Imagination (dead or alive)


I’ve noticed a trend in video game character design: Faceless guy in futuristic armor and helmet.

As games move more and more into realism, game developers find themselves having to answer the question: How do you put the player in a realistic environment but give him supernatural powers?

The easiest, no-brainer answer is to give them a power suit and set the game in the near-future. It’s important to distinguish the future from the near-future. The future means the game plays out in outer space and the human race are either at the bring of extinsion or they’re the commanders of the galaxy waging an interplanetary war. The near-future means the near-almost-now, but not-really. In essense the real world, but with addition of cool inexplicable technologies. Like power suits.

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Stupidest bunch of rounds of TF2 I ever played.. but dang was it fun.

Team Fortress 2 (rant)


I’ve been playing a lot of TF2 lately. It’s a really fun multiplayer game but I’ve found that it can also be extremely tedious. This is because it’s a team game, and sometimes the team you’re dealt isn’t really what you hoped for.

So when I start a map, I always pick the Scout and rush the first capture point. If I have another scout accompaning me then that’s a good sign that at least one in my team knows how to play the game. Usually there’s a small skirmish with the opposing team before one of us takes the first point. I usually only play Scout for one round and I use that first skirmish to gauge whether I should go … Continue Reading

F yeah!


Bionic Commando was one of my favourite NES games back in the days. I can’t remember which of my friend who had it, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the main reason why I would come over again and again.

I don’t have to tell you how awesome it is, just look at this video:

Hard to beat, huh?

Okay, well what if it looked like this?

I’m really excited and I have good faith in the swedish development team. I admit I’m a bit envious of them. It would really had been a dream project for me to work on.

Orange box

Team fortress 2 

I bought The Orange box on Steam. Besides being a completely painless online purchase the package is just rock solid. I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 for a few weeks now (I got access to the beta because I prepurchased it) and it’s just great. It’s a brilliant looking game accessible enough for noobs that still rewards skill.

Portal came as a surprise. I knew it was supposed to be funny, but damn. I want to compare it’s sense of humor with the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, which should say a lot. I’ve replayed that game 2 or 3 times only to listen to the ending song (It’s just so cute and … Continue Reading