List of things you must accept to enjoy anime

I’m compiling a list of cultural differences and clichés that you may need to learn to accept before you can begin to enjoy anime for their stories and what-not.

  • Honorifics. -san, -kun, -chan, -sama, -dono, etc. at the end of virtually every spoken name.
  • High-pitch voices. Particularly young female characters are generally voiced by grown women talking in their highest possible pitch, usually by constricting their vocal chords with the lower back of their tongues. Women typically also voice young male characters.
  • Don’t call me by my first name. Only close friends do that.
  • Casual homosexuality.
  • A bleeding nose is a sign of sexual arousal.
  • Fan-service. Frivolous panty shots and sexualization of young girls directly translates to higher ratings and sales of plastic figures.
  • Characters that never seem to open their eyes. Signifies thoughtfulness and patience.
  • Tsundere. Bi-polar female characters who can only express feelings of affection through violence.
  • Studying is the trait of a successful person and is attractive in itself. People with good grades are generally more popular.
  • After-school social clubs and students staying late to clean up as if they work there.
  • Characters whose only purpose is to have big bouncy boobs. (See fan-service).
  • Lolicon. Sexualization of premature girl. (See fan-service).
  • Shotacon. Sexualization of premature boys. (See fan-service).
  • Rivals. Two persons whose close friendship rely on a mutual competitiveness.
  • A woman’s ability to cook makes her a fine wife and vice versa.
  • Robots, robots, robots. It’s practically a national tradition.
  • Social and professional hierarchy. Know your place.
  • People sitting and sleeping on the floor.
  • The size of a woman’s chest relates to her maturity. The same applies for women with glasses, which is why most female characters with glasses also have large breasts.
  • Women are always jealous of other women with larger breasts.
  • At least one episode in every popular anime will have the cast going to a beach or a swimming pool. (See fan-service).
  • If the main protagonist is a guy, more often than not he will be oblivious to the feelings of girls around him. He will often moan and complain if a girl is openly affectuous.
  • Two people in love may never ever kiss. Any and all attempts will be interrupted somehow.
  • English words are often used but never correctly or even in the right order.


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