Puella Magi Madoka Magica – The End


The final two episodes of Puella has been aired and subbed. I just finished watching them. Sankaku Complex had this to say:

“The final episode of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has belatedly aired, to universal acclaim – with some fans going so far as to call it the “best anime ever,” and the vast majority recognising it as “godly” in more ways than one.”

“Rarely has an anime ended to such universal praise.”

I can only agree. This is hands down the most epic anime I’ve seen in years. (Last one was probably the original Full metal alchemist). I always doubt that a good anime can also end well, because a lot of them don’t, but Puella had a great fulfilling ending that even lingers long enough to answer the last few questions it inherently created.

It’s amazing how condensed it is with its mere 12 episodes, but that really means that every episode (except maybe the first two introductory ones) was brimming with plot and twists and – not to mention – blatant murder.

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  1. Kanno Hara said:

    Mar 31, 12 at 01:37

    Amazing, I love it.

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