Top 5 Super Street fighter IV improvements


1. No more ‘Indestructible’

This is by far the single greatest improvement to the game and I’m dead serious. Not having to listen to that untalented back street boys wanna-be japanese boy band alone would be worth the price. I played SFIV for over 350 hours in total. I. hate. that. song.

2. Quick play

The net code of Street fighter IV was really good compared to most online fighting games, but the match making was the worst. Finding players was easy, but successfully connecting to one was nothing short of hard manual labor. In SFIV you could spend several minutes between matches attempting to connect to other players only to get one “Unable to play” message after another.

SSFIV’s match making is just as fickle as before, but the Quick play option now actually scans for good connections automatically (as is expected of a ‘quick play’), relieving you from that frustrating tedium. It also sorts player by location so it tries to find people who live near you.

3. New roster + balancing changes

This is the most obvious change and probably the reason why most people get SSFIV. It’s nice with some new characters but the added benefit is that you tend to get more varied sets of opponents and not the usual Sagat – Ken – Ryu, thanks to rebalancing.

4. Kikosho!

Chun-Li’s new second ultra mesh really well with my fighting style and is really useful against certain characters.

5. Breast physics?

I’m not 100% certain, but there seem to be a bit more jiggling going on in SSFIV, and I’m not talking about Rufus’ belly.

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