Team Fortress 2 (rant)


I’ve been playing a lot of TF2 lately. It’s a really fun multiplayer game but I’ve found that it can also be extremely tedious. This is because it’s a team game, and sometimes the team you’re dealt isn’t really what you hoped for.

So when I start a map, I always pick the Scout and rush the first capture point. If I have another scout accompaning me then that’s a good sign that at least one in my team knows how to play the game. Usually there’s a small skirmish with the opposing team before one of us takes the first point. I usually only play Scout for one round and I use that first skirmish to gauge whether I should go for offense or defense next. Mostly I pick Sniper which is something I can play both offensively and defensively.

But I’m constantly switching between the classes when I play depending on the current situation. If the opposing team have a lot of spies cutting the backs of my team I’ll go defensive Pyro and burn anyone looking suspicious. If we’re having problems holding a capture point I’ll consider switching to Engineer and build a sentry gun. If they have a firm defense with snipers and sentryguns, but not any pyros I’ll go Spy to help our team push through. You get the point.


Sometimes I get put in a team made out of the worst case idiots I’ve ever seen. They pick whatever class they think looks cool and then they just play it like a regular shooter. The kind of player that would rather run around a capture point than on it. The kind that heals opponent spies. The kind that builds sentry guns at locked capture points. The kind that plays scout during the sudden death round. The list goes on and on..

Team fortress 2 gets so frustrating when you’re playing the (parton my arrogance) “intelligent” way I do and your teammates does nothing to help. Just one guy on your team that does what his class is supposed to do can be so powerful and make the difference between winning and losing. Hopefully people will learn this fact with time.

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